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Prime Minister’s Guest House

 Continuing the process of building a common language of fiscal federalism and decentralization, governance and leadership that they will be using throughout the course.

The first module was delivered by the Institute on Governance to participants of Cohort 2 at the Prime Minister's Guest House in Baghdad. Mr. Steve Tierney, Executive Director at the Institute on Governance, facilitated the module. Mrs. Maryantonett Flumian presented on Federal-Provincial Legislative and non-Legislative Arrangements and Fiscal Federalism in Canada during the cohort's study mission to Ottawa.

Mr. Sylvain Dubois, Vice-President of Institute on Governance explained the legislative processes of the Federal government and how they would be impacted by the fiscal arrangements. Mr. Johan Foran, an official from Natural Resources Canada explained how the production and sale of gas is managed within a federal state to the participants.

Officials from the provincial government of Ontario spoke to the participants on the framework during their study mission for working with the federal government, and with the delegating services to other governmental bodies, including mechanisms of funding and accountability. 

Participants of Cohort 2 meeting officials from Global Affairs Canada during their study mission in Ottawa. Mrs. Emmanuelle Lamoureux, Director of Gulf States Division and Mr. Richard Lamontagne, Senior Development Officer at the Global Affairs Canada were some of the presenters and attendees from GAC who engaged the participants during their study mission in Ottawa. 

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