Team-Based Learning is a collaborative learning and teaching strategy that helps people to follow a structured process to enhance student engagement and the quality of "student" or trainee learning. Team-Based Learning is designed around “modules,” taught in different cycles such as: preparation, in-class readiness assurance testing, and applicatio...n-focused exercise.
Formal training will take place for a large cadre of Iraqi decision makers, broken into groups known as cohorts. Representatives from the Federal government, KRG, governorates academia and civil society will form the Cohorts. 
...and their importance in Iraq's future.The module, as the first time these participants had been brought together for the purposes of the program, served also as an "ice-breaker" to get the participants used to interacting with each other in an open way. It also began the process of building a common language of fiscal federalism and decentralization, governance and leadership that they will be using throughout the course.