The IOG is collaborating with the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government to conduct work relating to specific laws of governance, fiscal federalism and decentralization.
As legislation in Iraq is not well understood by all parties, the IoG is working closely with the executive and parliamentary committees to modernize those... pieces of legislation that affect fiscal federalism and decentralization. More
 IOG meeting with a member of the parliamentary finance committee and the committee Advisor to follow up on the proposal of restructuring the Financial Management Law
A workshop for reviewing the Financial Management Law in Sulimanya. The participants were the Parliamentary Finance Committee, officials from the Federal Government, officials from the Governorates, and officials from the KRG. 
Mrs. Maryantonett Flumian and other IOG members meeting the Chairman of the Provincial Council of Karbala and the Assistant Country Director in UNDP-Iraq, to provide an overview of the project and work in Iraq. 
 Mrs. Maryantonett Flumian and other IOG members meeting the Chair of Shura Council in Baghadad.
Finance Committee Review of the Financial Management Law with the support of the IOG   In Sulaimaniyaon August 18, 2017 and August 19, 2017​The IOG held a Workshop of the Finance Committee of the Council of Representatives of the Iraqi Parliament to review the proposed new Financial Management Law (the Iraqi equivalent to the Canadian Financial Administration Act). The existing Act, passed in 2004 by Paul Bremer in his capacity as Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority, has not been amended since its passage.