Project Primer

Why This Project Exists

The constitution of Iraq reflects the wisdom of its founders and sets out a federal system for managing the nation’s business. It commands the national government, the 19 governorates and the Kurdish Regional Government to share power and assigns specific roles and responsibilities to each of them. The Iraqi people strongly endorsed this federal approach to government in the constitutional referendum of 2005.

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Iraq Government In Session

Iraq Government In Session

Who Is Involved in this Project

This project involves stakeholders from all levels of government and civil society in Canada and throughout Iraq.

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Where This Project is Happening

This project is evolving across Iraq, the KRG and in Canada where all of our stakeholders are working together to adapt the best practices, relationships, and institutions of federal states to help transition the country from a highly centralized form of government to a federal parliamentary democracy.

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Flag Map of Iraq

Foundations Of Federalism Tower

Project Leadership Competency Framework

The Institute on Governance (IOG) is helping Iraq to embark along the path from a highly centralized state towards the federal system of government prescribed in the Constitution. This journey will see responsibility in areas such as health care, education, and social affairs shifts from Baghdad and Erbil to the governorates along with the resources needed to carry out these vital functions. To make the new system work will require new skills and capabilities on the part leaders, new institutions, particularly in the governorates, and new linkages between the two levels of government.

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Key Activities

The project is rolling out over a three-year period through a highly integrated three prong approach. The first prong is focusses on evolving those government institutions, decisions and practices that affect fiscal federalism and decentralization, including the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, as well as the interactions between ministries and governorates.

The second prong targets individual actors within these institutions and broader civil society. The prime activity includes intensive training and knowledge sharing with elected and appointed members of the Iraqi public sphere, and advice on how they can work together and within institutions to build a stronger, modern Iraq.

The third integrated prong focusses on evolving institutions within the KRG to support better decision-making and crisis management processes.

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Leadership Competency Framework
Cohort 4 Set to Launch