Achieving empowerment and government accountability requires systems of inclusive governance. According to the World Bank, empowering the poor and marginalized and making institutions accountable are pillars of poverty reduction and development. Federalism, as an inclusive form of governance, will provide mechanisms for Iraqi citizens, as well as r...egional and national leaders to balance local and national interests in Iraq. More
Diversity is more than where you come from. It is any unique difference between people - physical appearance, religious belief, culture, ideas, ways of thinking, history and experience 
 Inclusive governance means all the different groups, interests and regions in a diverse country can have some say in public decisions that affect them by engaging with local, regional or national governments.Put another way; it means that governments strive to serve all citizens equally and govern for everyone.In federations, there is a strong bias toward inclusive governance, particularly at the national level.Indeed, it is key to their survival.
The constitution of Iraq reflects the wisdom of its founders and sets out a federal system for managing the nation's business. It commands the national government, the 19 governorates and the Kurdish Regional Government to share power and assigns specific roles and responsibilities to each of them. The Iraqi people strongly endorsed this federal approach to government in the constitutional referendum of 2005.