Federal orders may increase the opportunities for citizen participation in decision-making, and can accommodate minority nations who aspire to self-determination and the preservation of their language, culture or religion.
Such autonomy and immunity arrangements are clearly preferable to the political conflicts that might result from such gr...oups' attempts at secession. Central authorities may react with human rights violations, civil wars or ethnic cleansing to stop such secessionist movements.
Strengthening governance and business processes to ensure a secure country and opportunity for all Iraqi citizens is therefore crucial.  
In a fragile, post-conflict state like Iraq, a well-functioning federal system can mitigate sectarian tensions by providing opportunities for power-sharing that do not exist in a unitary state.Experience around the world – from the French and English in Canada to the Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs in India – has shown that democratic federalism can accommodate diversity to the benefit of all.When people have confidence in the future and expect to share fairly in the benefits of nationhood, they are less consumed by the politics of identity and can focus more on growing their economies and improving living standards.